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Advance Technique

We start with an initial consultation, where we go over all the benefits and risks of circumcision and any concerns you may have about the procedure. We explain the Pollock technique in detail and go over pain relief options so that you know exactly what will happen during the procedure.

Less Time Little Pain

Around thirty minutes before the procedure, we’ll apply an EMLA cream to help numb the penis area, minimising discomfort from the injection of anaesthesia. We then deliver the anaesthetic, meaning you will feel as little pain as possible during the circumcision.

Ensuring Best Result

We use a Mogen clamp to separate the foreskin. The clamp is applied to the tip of the penis, cutting off blood flow to minimise bleeding. This is faster and less invasive than other procedures, ensuring the best results.

Painless procedures

After the procedure is over, we apply Vaseline and gauze to the tip of the penis and ask you to wait for thirty minutes so we can ensure you are responding well. Your doctor will then go over your individualised care plan for yourself or your child and will book a follow-up appointment to check in on your progress.

Circumcision Perth

Our circumcision method ensures that patients feel as little pain or discomfort as possible. We use the Pollock technique, proven to be one of the most safe and efficient procedures for foreskin removal in men of all ages.

Our Pricing

Our Perth circumcision clinic performs circumcisions on men of any age: babies, boys, teens and adults. Call to book a circumcision appointment at our Perth clinic today!.0451 727 060

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Infant Circumcision Perth Parents Trust

The circumcision procedure is best performed at a young age to minimise pain and discomfort and to speed up healing. Babies recover far faster from foreskin removal than older children and adults and feel little to no pain, meaning you may want to consider getting a circumcision soon after your child is born.

Our Perth circumcision clinic specialises in infants’ circumcisions and circumcision for young boys. We know it can be scary for families to think about these procedures, which is why we create a safe and soothing atmosphere for your child.

Unlike a hospital, where everything is loud and busy, circumcision clinics like ours create a calm environment to make the whole experience a lot smoother.

Quality Circumcision Care

Circumcision can be daunting, but our experienced and empathetic doctors are here to make the procedure as easy for you as possible. Our circumcision care is among the best in WA, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Your comfort and safety is our top priority. We use a topical cream to numb the skin around the penis area before injecting a local anaesthetic, meaning that the patient hardly feels a thing during the procedure. We also ensure quality aftercare and come up with a recovery plan that will speed up healing and ensure your wellbeing.

The doctors at our Perth circumcision clinic are always on call — if you have any concerns about your recovery, we’re here to help.

Our clinic in Perth, WA, is perfectly suited for child and adult patients. Contact us today at 0451 727 060 to book a consultation with an expert circumcision doctor.

Whether you are the parents of an infant son or are thinking about getting your own adult circumcision, it can be a big life choice.

We perform circumcision for a range of reasons: religious, cultural, tradition, hygiene, aesthetics, health, and more. Whatever drives your decision, we’re happy to discuss and share our expertise with the people in Perth, WA.

  • Decreases chance of urinary tract infections
  • Prevents infections such as Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans / Lichen sclerosus
  • Decreases chance of sexually transmitted infections
  • Prevents phimosis (tightness of foreskin) and other penile conditions

Not sure if circumcision is the right option?

Circumcision is a big decision, whether you are making it for yourself or your son. Our team of doctors can help to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have so that you can make the best choice.

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